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Use Radzen Blazor PickList component to transfer items between two collections.

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  • Company: Alfreds Futterkiste
  • Company: Ana Trujillo Emparedados y helados
  • Company: Antonio Moreno Taquería
  • Company: Around the Horn
  • Company: Berglunds snabbköp
  • Company: Blauer See Delikatessen
  • Company: Blondesddsl père et fils
  • Company: Bólido Comidas preparadas
  • Company: Bon app'
  • Company: Bottom-Dollar Markets
  • Company: B's Beverages
  • Company: Cactus Comidas para llevar
  • Company: Centro comercial Moctezuma
  • Company: Chop-suey Chinese
  • Company: Comércio Mineiro
  • Company: Consolidated Holdings
  • Company: Drachenblut Delikatessen
  • Company: Du monde entier
  • Company: Eastern Connection
  • Company: Ernst Handel
  • Company: Familia Arquibaldo
  • Company: FISSA Fabrica Inter. Salchichas S.A.
  • Company: Folies gourmandes
  • Company: Folk och fä HB
  • Company: Frankenversand
  • Company: France restauration
  • Company: Franchi S.p.A.
  • Company: Furia Bacalhau e Frutos do Mar
  • Company: Galería del gastrónomo
  • Company: Godos Cocina Típica
  • Company: Gourmet Lanchonetes
  • Company: Great Lakes Food Market
  • Company: GROSELLA-Restaurante
  • Company: Hanari Carnes
  • Company: HILARION-Abastos
  • Company: Hungry Coyote Import Store
  • Company: Hungry Owl All-Night Grocers
  • Company: Island Trading
  • Company: Königlich Essen
  • Company: La corne d'abondance
  • Company: La maison d'Asie
  • Company: Laughing Bacchus Wine Cellars
  • Company: Lazy K Kountry Store
  • Company: Lehmanns Marktstand
  • Company: Let's Stop N Shop
  • Company: LILA-Supermercado
  • Company: LINO-Delicateses
  • Company: Lonesome Pine Restaurant
  • Company: Magazzini Alimentari Riuniti
  • Company: Maison Dewey
  • Company: Mère Paillarde
  • Company: Morgenstern Gesundkost
  • Company: North/South
  • Company: Océano Atlántico Ltda.
  • Company: Old World Delicatessen
  • Company: Ottilies Käseladen
  • Company: Paris spécialités
  • Company: Pericles Comidas clásicas
  • Company: Piccolo und mehr
  • Company: Princesa Isabel Vinhos
  • Company: Que Delícia
  • Company: Queen Cozinha
  • Company: QUICK-Stop
  • Company: Rancho grande
  • Company: Rattlesnake Canyon Grocery
  • Company: Reggiani Caseifici
  • Company: Ricardo Adocicados
  • Company: Richter Supermarkt
  • Company: Romero y tomillo
  • Company: Santé Gourmet
  • Company: Save-a-lot Markets
  • Company: Seven Seas Imports
  • Company: Simons bistro
  • Company: Spécialités du monde
  • Company: Split Rail Beer & Ale
  • Company: Suprêmes délices
  • Company: The Big Cheese
  • Company: The Cracker Box
  • Company: Toms Spezialitäten
  • Company: Tortuga Restaurante
  • Company: Tradição Hipermercados
  • Company: Trail's Head Gourmet Provisioners
  • Company: Vaffeljernet
  • Company: Victuailles en stock
  • Company: Vins et alcools Chevalier
  • Company: Die Wandernde Kuh
  • Company: Wartian Herkku
  • Company: Wellington Importadora
  • Company: White Clover Markets
  • Company: Wilman Kala
  • Company: Wolski Zajazd
  • Company: SQLite Company
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