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Border styles and utility CSS classes.

Border radius link

Use these CSS classes to set border-radius to an element e.g. class="rz-border-radius-6".

Border-radius value CSS class CSS variable
theme specific .rz-border-radius --rz-border-radius
0 .rz-border-radius-0 --rz-border-radius-0
0.25rem .rz-border-radius-1 --rz-border-radius-1
0.5rem .rz-border-radius-2 --rz-border-radius-2
0.75rem .rz-border-radius-3 --rz-border-radius-3
1rem .rz-border-radius-4 --rz-border-radius-4
1.25rem .rz-border-radius-5 --rz-border-radius-5
1.5rem .rz-border-radius-6 --rz-border-radius-6
1.75rem .rz-border-radius-7 --rz-border-radius-7
2rem .rz-border-radius-8 --rz-border-radius-8
2.25rem .rz-border-radius-9 --rz-border-radius-9
2.5rem .rz-border-radius-10 --rz-border-radius-10

Border utility CSS classes link

The following CSS classes add 1px solid border with its respective color. E.g. class="rz-border-primary".


Borders with CSS variables link

Use theme color variables when defining borders. See theme colors

style="border: 10px dotted var(--rz-success)"

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